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    Andrea Smith

    O: 304-239-0443 x 200 M: 240-446-1925

    Selling Homes, Not Houses

    Andrea is turning houses into homes.

    Born in Frederick County and raised in Washington County. Andrea has always had a passion and drive to help others achieve their dreams. She cheers for you and supports you all the way! Her leadership, positivity, and motivation inspire others to reach for their goals.

    Andrea went back to school when her children were in school to teach them how to juggle family, career, and continued learning. Andrea obtained a degree in graphic arts/web design. She loves art and has sold a few drawings and paintings. Andrea continues to love to grow naturally and spiritually and has received a Masters Degree in Theology.

    In 2019 Andrea’s 29-year career in insurance came to a halt when the company closed its office and moved to another state. Andrea firmly believes it was a blessing, one door closed, and another door opened. Andrea closed that chapter and decided to pursue another one of her dreams of helping others fulfill their dream of turning a house into a home.

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    Andrea Smith
    Charis Realty Group
    Proudly located in Maryland & West Virginia
    Phone: 304-239-0443

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