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Only the Classiest! Top Private Elementary Schools in Frederick County

From food, to friends, to learning – we all want the best for our children. But how do we know what the best is when presented such a broad range of options for primary education? At the end of the day, there can be no substitute for independent research and consultation in determining where your little ones will fit best when they start to spread their wings and venture out of the nest, but we’re here to provide you with a couple ideas that may serve as a starting point to make the process of picking the best school just a little easier. The following list of schools has been compiled based on parent/student/teacher reviews, as well as objective stats such as student body and student : teacher ratio.

Trinity School of Frederick

The Trinity School is located at 6040 New Design Road, and provides liberal arts education for students from K-8. With a relatively small student body of 123, and boasting a 7:1 student : teacher ratio (well below state-average), they offer an intimate and enriching environment to foster your young one’s development. Trinity offers a curriculum enriched with Spanish (taught 3 times per week from kindergarten), physical education (4 times per week) and religion (once per week.) Trinity carries an Episcopal-Lutheran affiliation, and focus on encouraging students to show respect and empathy for others, to be good role models and leaders in service to their communities.

The Banner School

The Banner School is co-educational, independent institution offering classes for students from pre-school through to grade 8. Located at 1730 N. Market Street, Banner boasts a student body of 218, and maintains an impressive 9:1 student:teacher ratio, with no religious affiliation. With excellent S.T.E.M as well as liberal arts programs, Banner also places an emphasis on incorporating technology into the classrooms to better prepare students for an increasingly tech-enabled work environment. The foundation of Banner’s approach to education is what they call “The Learning Triangle”, which emphasizes involvement from school, student and family working together to create the best possible educational experience – so this might be a good fit for parents looking to take a more active role in their children’s tutelage.

St. John Regional Catholic School

St. John began its life all the way back in 1829 as St. John’s Literary Institution, and has since evolved into the Pre-K-8 Catholic School it is today. With a student body of 574 (16:1 student : teacher ratio), it has the highest enrolment of any private school in Frederick – a testament to the quality of its staff and facilities. The grounds include a state-of-the-art media center, science lab, art room (complete with kiln!), music room and more. St. John takes faith and religious instruction very seriously – with all students, Pre-K and up receiving daily religious instruction. With an excellent sports program, a wide variety of clubs and a litany of volunteer opportunities, there is something for everyone at St. John. Take a closer look at their website to see just what they’re all about!

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